FAQ for the Regional Competition 2018

Please read the entire competition manual. We know the manual is long, but most questions can be answered by referring to the manual or this website. There is also a MATE ROV Forum where you can read questions and answers about this year's competition, and submit your own questions: https://www.marinetech.org/forums/  

Here are some of the common questions and answers about the Regional Competition:

Q; The manual says "Ask your Regional Coordinator..." is there a list of answers pertaining to the Oregon Regional?

A: Yes, we tried to answer all those "Ask your Regional Coordinator" questions on each of the Mission pages. Scout - link, Navigator - link, and Ranger - link.

Q: Where will the 2018 Oregon Regional MATE ROV Competition be held?

A:  The Competition will be held at the Lincoln City Community Center in Lincoln City, Oregon on Saturday, April 28, 2018.

Q: What is the deadline to register a team?

A: If you have not yet registered for the competition and plan on attending, please do so ASAP by following this link. Registration closes April 15th. Absolutely no teams will be allowed to register after that date.

Q:  How many teams can one teacher bring to the Regional Competition?

A:  A mentor may only bring no more than one ROV team in each competition class (Scout, Navigator, Ranger).

Q: Do you have the waivers available in Spanish?

A: Yes, you can download them at the bottom of this page.

Q: What time does the Regional Competition start and end?

A: We will open the doors for team check-in and set-up at 8:00 am and safety checks will begin at 8:30 am. No ROVs will be allowed in the pool without having passed a safety inspection. We expect to wrap up the day by 5:00 pm.

Q: Is food served at the event?

A: Registered mentors and students will be provided lunch (sandwiches, fruit, chips) in the cafeteria. Families and friends coming to watch the event will NOT be provided lunch. There are several places near the community center where spectators can purchase food, but there is no food vendor at the community center itself. Teams and spectators are encouraged to bring reusable water bottles to the event. 

Q: How deep is the pool where the teams will be conducting their Missions?

A:  Scout teams will compete in the shallow end of the pool (3.5 feet), Navigators mid-pool (4.5 feet), and Ranger teams will compete in the deep end of the pool (12 feet).

Q: Do all teams need to bring a "marketing display"?

A: Yes, all teams are expected to bring a marketing display (poster) which will be set up in the gym on top of tables and all team members should be prepared to participate in an engineering presentation for a panel of judges. Most teams use tri-fold display boards for their marketing displays.

Q: When are SIDs and Spec Sheets due?

A: For Ranger teams, Spec Sheets and SIDs are due electronically one week in advance of the competition (refer to the manual for required format). All other teams should bring their SIDs and Spec Sheets with them on the day of the competition.

Q: Do all ROVs need to have Anderson Powerpole connectors?

A: Yes, all ROVs must be equipped with Anderson Powerpole connectors. The competition manuals describe Anderson Powerpole connectors in detail and include photographs, part numbers, hyperlinks to sources, and assembly instructions.

Q: Will power boxes be provided at the Mission stations?

A: All Mission stations will be equipped with power boxes (not batteries) that the Anderson Powerpoles can plug into. Power sources used for the competition can be found at the Seamate store or other vendors online.

Q: Where can I find scoring rubrics and safety tutorials?

A: MATE has posted scoring rubrics, safety tutorials, etc. for all classes of ROVs which is critical to review. Please visit their website at: https://www.marinetech.org/scoring-2018/. In addition, the competition class pages on the main MATE website has recordings of recent Facebook Live events, Mission fly-through videos, and more.

Q: Are teams scored on their Technical Document or the Corporate Responsibility pieces?

A: No, companies don't need to bring these items to the competition.

Q: How many RANGER teams will be able to advance to the International MATE ROV Competition?

A: There must be at least 11 RANGER teams from 11 different schools competing in the Regional competition in order to send more than one RANGER team to Internationals.


Again, most answers to the "Ask your Regional Coordinator" questions on each of the Mission pages. Scout - link, Navigator - link, and Ranger - link. If you still have questions after referring to the manual and online resources, then you can email us at oregoncoaststem@oregonstate.edu.